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All our kites are packed in an environmentally friendly, reusable rip-stop nylon bag that holds absolutely everything that your customers need to get their kite flying high. The bags have a drawn string closure. The kites themselves, made of rip-stop nylon, come with the kite tail already attached with a swivel.
The hoop winder, which holds the "string" or "line", is made for quick and easy launching of the kite. The kite itself is fitted with a swivel that attaches to the line.
Our kites can be carried in carry-on or checked luggage, as opposed to kites with sticks which must be checked with all checked baggage in U.S. airports.

Our Kites Size 2 Size 4 Size 6
18" x 12" 28" x 12"  
Patriotic 18" x 12"   34" x 29"
    34" x 29"
    27" x 41"
(Tail Included)