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My name is Nanette Perkins, and I am the owner of Coastal Kite Company. I’ve always loved the wind. I’m originally from “the Windy City”, but craved to be near the ocean. After a family trip brought us to beautiful New England and specifically Cape Cod, I knew that this was where I wanted to be.

The kite business just made sense. I had a family that enjoyed wind related activities, sailing and kite flying included. What we wanted to do was have a kite that was super easy and fun to fly and comes with all its components; something that was unbreakable, durable and manageable. We were committed to having a take-it-with-you size that was just as easy to throw in the backseat as it was to throw in a suitcase, and a kite that actually fit back into its reusable nylon carry case. After some trial and error, Coastal Kite Company was born.